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NNOW has been active in supporting the position improvement of SMEs in the offshore wind supply chain for over 6 years. The project team (NOM, Syntens, Stichting Energy Valley) offers you interesting activities focused on the prospects of more business, acquiring knowledge and expanding your (offshore wind) network. Continuous interest from parties means some 80 parties are involved, whilst government bodies and intermediaries are also showing interest.

On the basis of the activities on offer, it seems reasonable to ask a small contribution (membership) for the activities of NNOW. We offer membership at € 350. You can register as a member with the following application form.

Our objectives for NNOW remain unchanged for the future:

  • Build up a network of relevant companies and knowledge partners;
  • Promotion & acquisition for and by member companies in view of an improved position in the offshore wind supply chain;
  • Accommodate business development and R&D and respond to issues from the market;
  • Attention to sufficient and qualified personnel in conjunction with competent educational and other organizations.

NNOW membership

Are you located in the province of Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe or Noord-Holland (working area Noord-Holland Noord) and interested to become a member of NNOW, please send an email to Ilona van der Velde via email: containing a brief description of your organization.

After receiving your email or the filled-out form below, we will process your request and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

Ending your NNOW membership

Membership is terminated by sending an e-mail before the start of the relevant year to:

Registration form

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