6 februari 2015

Acta Marine contracted CIG Shipbuilding for the design and construction of a large Wind Farm Support Vessel. The DP-2 fitted vessel measures 108 by 16 meters and offers comfortable accommodation and workspace for 75 persons onboard. The vessel will be equipped with two dedicated boat landings for Crew Transfer Vessels as well as a motion-compensated gangway, which allows a safe and efficient transfer of technicians and equipment between the vessel and wind turbines. CIG has optimized the design with the aim of creating a vessel with the best possible workability and comfort for operations in heavier sea state conditions, applicable for wind farms that are built further offshore.

The vessel will be named “ACTA ORION ” and is scheduled for delivery in September 2015. The hull is currently under construction in Poland and outfitting will take place in the north of the Netherlands. Immediately after delivery, the vessel will be chartered by contractor Van Oord, who will use ACTA ORION during the construction of the Gemini Offshore Wind Farm that will be located 85 km offshore in the Dutch part of the North Sea.The new ACTA ORION will be the largest unit in the fleet of Acta Marine. In the coming months, Acta Marine plans to make further investments for the offshore wind market by adding Crew Transfer Vessels to the fleet.


Acta Orion