21 augustus 2020


I would like to draw your attention on a potential opportunity for sme’s / start-ups in your network: the Blueinvest Corporate Day at our premium member DEME.

BlueInvest Corporate Days aim to support innovation and the adoption of sustainable technologies and approaches, by generating new market opportunities and solid business partnerships between corporates and innovative SMEs/projects.

The event will be a full day workshop on the 8th October 2020, and will take place in DEME’s premises in Zwijndrecht, Belgium.

DEME has mapped 4 business challenges which will be the main focus areas for the selection of technologies and projects:

1) Blue renewable energy (focus on green hydrogen)

2) Ocean Clean-up

3) Integrated Aquaculture in Offshore Sites

4) Underwater Communication

Entrepreneurs are welcome to apply to the BlueInvest Pipeline via this link. The profile of the companies will be assessed by PwC (the facilitator of the Blueinvest Platform) with regard to the fit of their profiles to the challenges, and DEME will do the final selection of 10.

Of you would have potential candidates, do not hesitate to inform me.

Sme’s and startups are invited to access www.blue-invest.eu in order to have a full picture of the BlueInvest Platform.

Best regards,

Ann Overmeire
Community Manager
De Blauwe Cluster VZW
M +32 (0)496 51 11 45